About Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair

Sue Boon - Biddenden Tractorfest

Sue Boon

Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair is run entirely by volunteers and which aims to stage an annual event that’s fun and affordable for the whole family. As a not-for-profit event all proceeds are donated to local Clubs, Associations, Societies, Groups, Amenities and Registered Charities.

The event is keen to support and welcome local crafts and businesses and this also helps to boost the friendly, easy-going nature of the show.

Tractorfest began in a small way in 2013 on the recreational fields in Biddenden and then transferred to Michael Palmer’s land just outside the village on the road to Sissinghurst. It grew substantially year-on-year and moved in 2018 to larger fields beside Woolpack Corner on the road to Tenterden.

Leading the Tractorfest volunteers is Chair Sue Boon whose dynamism is well-known in Biddenden and surrounding areas and who was one of the organisers of the Biddenden Blaze bonfire celebrations that were held annually in November.

When the Biddenden Blaze was discontinued, Sue and a group of supporters thought a summer event related to tractors would have appeal While tractors remain central to attracting visitors, the essence of Tractorfest is the provision of a gentle summer day out in a countryside fair setting with nostalgic sights and sounds, varied programmes in the arenas, a large array of craft and other stalls, and plenty of food and drink. In 2018 the event attracted over 17,000 visitors.
Sue Boon, Chair of the Tractorfest Organising Committee says, “For 6 years we’ve donated, in the main, to local charities clubs and associations. It’s our way of giving back to the community that supports us and to give to organisations where the sums donated, however small, can actually make a difference. It’s what drives us and inspires the many volunteers who come back every year to help in so many ways.”