Weald of Kent Beekeepers at TractorfestBack at Tractorfest this year is the Weald Beekeepers organisation (part of Kent Beekeepers) who exist to support all those in the Weald of Kent who are interested in beekeeping. Some of their members are commercial beekeepers, others have just one or two hives. Speaking to one such member, Alex, a busy businesswoman, she says of it, “I keep 3 or 4 hives depending on the year and each hive has up to 50,000 bees when it’s at full strength. There are three main reasons I keep bees….

First of all, they are very calming. So if you are feeling out of sorts, just hover around the hives and the sound of their buzzing just centres you. Secondly – the honey. OMG, the honey. Nothing like it and of course it’s unique to you and your hives. Our best year gave us about 50 pounds of honey. And finally – everyone loves you for looking after the bees and also….I’ve never met a nasty beekeeper.”

Of the Weald Beekeepers, past Chairman and local bee farmer says: “Our aim is to help one another and enjoy our bees together and maybe to educate the public and advance the course of beekeeping on the way.” Joining the Branch gives any novice the opportunity to learn via the various publications that come with full membership (Weald Beekeepers’ own Monthly Newsletter, BeeCraft & BBKA News) and from the experience of other members at the monthly meetings where there is often the opportunity to hear from speakers who are often well-qualified or professional bee-keepers, watch hive inspections and ask questions as they arise in the company of other experienced and novice bee-keepers. The value of joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts cannot be underestimated as there is usually someone at the end of a phone to support and give advice. So come along and meet them in August – you never know where it might lead you. Website: www.wealdbeekeepers.org

Tickets to Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair available online now at tractorfest.co.uk