Horticulture Machinery & Stationary Engines

Horticultural Machinery

Many of the horticultural machines on display this year would have been used in a wide range of areas from smallholdings, market gardens, greenhouses and domestic gardens. There will also be 450kg two wheel tractors with ploughs, ride on garden tractors, lawnmowers and hand tools.

You will see that some machines have been restored to a very high standard while others are still in natural condition and maintain their battle scars from hard work over the years

Come and see demonstrations of these machines working the land throughout the weekend.

Many of our horticultural exhibitors are members of the V.H.G.M.C (Vintage Horticultural and Garden Machinery Club) and would be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have similar machines you would like to exhibit, you would be very welcome, go to the EXHIBIT PAGE.


Stationary Engines

Stationary engines were once widespread in the era when every factory or mill generated its own power, and power transmission was mechanical, via line shift belts, gear trains and clutches.

Applications for stationary engines have declined since electrification has become widespread; most industrial users today draw electricity from an electrical grid and distribute it to various individual electric motors.

Engines that operate in one place, but can be moved to another place for later operation, are called “portable engines”.

Although stationary engines and portable engines are both “STATIONARY” (ie. not moving) while running; the preferred usage (for clarity’s sake) reserves the term “STATIONARY ENGINE” to the permanently immobile type, and “PORTABLE ENGINE” to the mobile type.

To exhibit at Tractorfest please visit the EXHIBIT PAGE