Not Just ‘Any Old Iron’ Man

Designer, Iron Man challenger and tractor enthusiast, Andy Stewart, is at Tractorfest this year selling items from his own private collection in advance of heading off to Italy in September for his next Iron Man challenge.

He’ll be bringing all sorts of second hand original parts to fit TE20’s, FE35 and MF135 models. Wheels, tin work, Diesel Engine blocks (AD3 152) T-bars, Lift Arms, seats, Original Butler lights, tool boxes, Ferguson jacks, stabiliser bars, pick up hooks, 9 hole draw bars, Roll bar, draw bar assemblies, swinging draw bar, Ferguson spring cultivator, Ferguson top links, weight frame, PTO pulley and some other interesting agricultural items. Phew.

One photo is of an the Early 1947 TE20 Continental tractor that he’s bringing to display at the show. Another is a Kids /Amusement ride from the 60/70’s. He’ll also be bringing an MF ATV (see picture) – a nice bit of modern kit.
He’s currently fixing a MF135 1968 Swept back axle and if it’s done in time he’ll bring it along too.

It’s his first time at Tractorfest – give him a warm welcome.