Tractorfest Dog ShowTractorfest Dog Shows

A recent study of 2,000 adults found that dog owners walk an average of 870 miles a year, which not only revealed they tend to be fitter than non-dog owners, but that they also have overall improved levels of mental health and reduced stress levels ( source The Independent). Most recently the profile photo of Biddenden Community page was changed to display a number of Biddenden dog owners with their dogs – brought together in one place for a photoshoot. And what a healthy looking bunch they were too.

A well known fact about dog ownership in Biddenden is that a number of our pooches will be rescue dogs. As in previous years Kent Greyhound Rescue will be running the dog show at Tractorfest. Based in Hythe, Kent Rescue finds new homes for around 150 abandoned and unwanted greyhounds, lurchers and other sight hounds each year. They rehome throughout Kent and also in other counties (strict checks are carried out before any dog is rehomed, regardless of the location).

The morning and afternoon dog shows at Tractorfest on the 17th and 18th August are for all types of dogs and are just for fun – no need to register, just turn up and join in. The 5 best dogs in each show will each receive a rosette and a prize bag filled with treats and toys sponsored by Cinque Port Vets.

And despite the fact we know you’re all so fit, we really won’t be tempted to run time trials for the owners.

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